Our Story

Relax Feels is as herbal company based in Asheville, North Carolina. Here at Relax Feels our goal is to provide high quality organic herbal products. We offer the best products in the market, which have passed top-notch quality assurance tests to ensure that clients get the best. We invite you to put our products to the test, and we trust that if you’re looking for the best quality at fair prices your search ends with us. We specialize in cannabinoids, coffee, kava, kratom, matcha & several other teas. We spent a lot of time & resources sourcing our products to make sure we provide the best. Both ours CBD & coffee our source from the US. Our kava is sourced from the pacific Islands. We source our Kratom from Indonesia. Our matcha tea and majority of our other teas our source from China.  

Kratom is currently Going through battles to remain legal in the states. We, the owners, hold a great deal of love and respect for  kratom and wish to spread awareness while doing our part in the fight to keep kratom legal in the United States. We believe this plant deserves more study and we’re convinced it has already proven to be a viable solution to not only the opiate epidemic, but also a safe, long term solution for those suffering with chronic or acute pain conditions.  

We have a passion for helping our customers reach their happy place through our products and building a more productive lifestyle. We are obsessed with helping people feel great, look great and perform at their highest level.

I hope this finds you well and you give us a chance to serve you. We appreciate you.