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What Is Relax Feels?

Relax Feels is as herbal company based in Asheville, North Carolina. Our goal is to provide high quality organic herbal products.

Are Your Products Lab-Tested?

We send out samples each batch to be tested. We test for microbial toxins & heavy metals in each round of testing.

How Can I Trust The Quality Of The Products?

We try to ensure that the product we sell are consistent and of the best quality. We follow the feedback and comments of customers in order to keep our product consistent.

What Is Your Privacy policy?

At Relax Feels, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy page for details.

Are There Any Relax Feels Retail Locations Near Me?

We are currently only online at the moments.

On the checkout screen there is an orange box that says “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”. Click the link and enter your discount code in the box. Don’t forget to click “Apply Code” when you’re done

Can I Get A Discount Coupon Code?

Yes! We offer a first-time customer discount code. Use FIRSTT30 to get 30% off your first order. If you are new repeat customer we hope you enjoyed your first order, to show our gratitude use RETURN20 to get 20% of your second order. Also If you are a repeat customer, make sure you are subscribed when you checkout and we will send promotion discounts. We usually send out 10-30% off bi-weekly at random. Sometimes the discount covers all products, other times it covers a specific products we are liquidating to make room for new stock.

I’m Having Trouble Logging Into My Account?

From the Homepage click on “My Account”. Under the login section click there is a link saying “Lost your password?”. You’ll be sent a password reset email. Don’t forget to check your spam folder for this too!.

What If I’m Experiencing Issues With Your Website?

If you are having trouble checking out or other website issues please send us an email and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

How Can I Get in Contact With Customer Service?

The best way to contact us is to use the contact form here or to simply respond to an email sent from us about an order update. 

Can I Place A Order By Phone?

Yes, You can order by phone if you live in the Asheville area & plan on picking up your order.

Can I Suggest A Product For You To Carry?

We can only do our best! Simply use our contact form and send on a message. We'll be in touch!


Payments & Returns

What Forms Of Payment Does Relax Feels Accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover credit cards.

Unfortunately kratom is going through legal battles. Card company have put a ban on kratom. We can only accept cryptocurrency.

When Will My Credit Card Be Billed?

Your credit card is charged at the time your order is placed so the shipment can be processed

Will My Transaction Be Secure?

We use a secure server (SSL) to encrypt all of your personal information and implement strong security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of your information once it is in our database.

Is My Order Taxable?

We are required by law to collect sales tax in those states where we maintain a business presence. Sales tax will be added to taxable items being shipped to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Virginia and California.

What items Are Considered Taxable?

Loose leaf and ready-to-drink teas are non-taxable, whereas teaware and tea accoutrements are taxable.

What Is Your Return Policy?

At Relax Feels, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our return policy page for details.

I Am Dissatisfied - How Can I Return My Product(s)?

Please refer to our return policy page for more information.

How Do I Get A Refund?

After you have requested a refund on the contact page, the service rep will respond with a confirmation. We request for you return the product first, after received and approved you will get your refund shortly after.


Shipping & Delivery

Do You Ship internationally?

No, we only ship within the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii at this time.

What Are Your Shipping & Handling Charges?

We offer free shipping for orders over $50.

How Fast Do You Ship - Why Hasn’t My Order Shipped Yet?

We ship most orders on the same day that they were placed on. However, some orders miss the shipping cut-off for that day and are ship on the next business day. We ship Monday-Friday, excluding Sundays and national holidays.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Receive My Online Order?

Our orders are shipped from our distribution centers on the East Coast. UPS Ground shipments generally take from 10-20 business days (based on non-holiday periods).

How Can I Track My Shipment?

Once your order is shipped, we will send a shipping confirmation via email to the address listed on your account. You can also track your shipment here.

Why Hasn’t My Tracking Number Updated Yet – “Shipping Label Created”?

If you see that your tracking number says “shipping label created” it means we have printed the label and your order is ready for USPS to pick up that day.

My Package Says Delivered But I Never Received?

In the case where a package says delivered to the right address, but the customer has not received, we recommend that the customer asks others at the residence first. It is very common for another person in the household to have received the package – so please check with anyone else living at the residence first. In rare cases, a neighbor may also accidentally have the package. These are common issues, but in rare cases, USPS may know more information if there was a mistake on their end so it is recommended to call them. If you have exhausted these options, please message customer support to assist.

My Package Was Delivered to the Wrong Address?

Please message customer support about this issue and how to rectify.

I Need To Change My Address?

 It is important to message support about a change of address as quickly as possible. Our shipping software corrects and verifies incorrect addresses automatically but to ensure no issues, please message support about the change as quick as possible. If the order has shipped, it is sometimes possible to contact USPS about it while it’s in transit. Support will be glad to assist you.

Can I Collect My Order In Person?

Yes, You can collect your order in person if you live in the Asheville area.


Subscription Plan

What Are The Details Of The Subscription Program?

The subscription program is perfect for you if you don't want to have to remember to place your monthly (or every two week) product order and you love special discounts. 

You will receive a 20% discount on every single order and receive free shipping.



Are Your Products Available Wholesale?  

Yes, we do offer Wholesale for authorized business accounts. Accounts are approved based upon submission of a Credit Application and Resale Certificate. Please contact us at 1-828-301-8809 or via email at info@relaxfeels.com. You can also submit your information through our Contact Form, so we may facilitate your request.