Cardamom Elaichi Chai

Relax Feels Cardamom Elaichi Tea is an exquisite & refreshing blend of Organic CTC  with an aromatic and crushed Cardamom which enhances the tea experience to quite some high level. This Tea strengthens the immune system by detoxifying the entire system. Due to its warming properties, this tea keeps your body warm despite the weather. For a sore throat and congestion, nothing can match the levels of this Cardamom Tea. There are huge benefits to having a cup or two of the Cardamom Elaichi Tea every day. One should have it daily to see the effects in a month or two. This Tea is the secret to longevity. Perfect to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day.

To Achieve A Perfect Elaichi Wali Chai
  • Boil Water In A Pan. Water Quality Is Of Uttermost Importance & It Must Be Free Of Contaminants To Enhance The Natural Flavor Of The Tea

  • Add 1 Teaspoon Of Tea Leaves To The Boiling Water For Three To Five Minutes

  • Add Milk & Simmer It More Before Straining The Leaves

  • Can Add Sugar Or Honey To Sweeten As Per Your Taste

  • The Beautiful & Aromatic Tea Is Ready For Your Enjoyment

100 % Natural Ingredients

Assam Premium CTC, Cardamom, Fennel




Floral & Sweet

Tasting Notes 

Refreshing with a flush of Cardamom




Herbal CTC Tea