Coffee Barista Art Stencils

Everyone loves those trendy foam designs, called latte art, that Coffee Baristas are so well known for. Now you can give your own espresso or coffee drink a more delicious and attractive look using our 16 different and delightful Coffee Barista Art Stencil designs. They're made especially to bump your favorite drinks to the next level and give them more eye-catching appeal! Enjoy your own delicious and pleasantly fancy drinks right in the comfort of your own home! 

Use cocoa powder, cinnamon, or green tea with your art stencils

Stencils made of Eco-Friendly Plastic

Set includes 16 different templates!


  • Eco-Friendly Yet Durable Plastic-made Baristas

  • You Get 16 Interesting Templates In One Order

  • Easy To Use By Beginner Baristas; Add Patterns With Any Powder

  • Make Patterns On All Hot Drinks From Milk To Mocha Or Tea

  • Makes Easy-to-fit for all cups pattern size