Eco-Friendly Straw

What's the newest trend in Drinking Straw World? Here is Stainless Steel Drinking Straws.

Reusable & Healthier

Now, it is time to say "NO" to unhealthy plastic straws! As we know, once plastic meet high temperature, it will release toxic substances, which is poisonous to our body. Instead, our reusable metal straw is non-toxic, lacquer-free, no-wax, safe and healthy. This reusable stainless steel straw is your best choice for daily drinking!

Made Of Food-Grade Stainless Steel

This reusable drinking straw is designed in USA and made of 100% high-end stainless steel. No rust and steel odor taste any more. FDA approval guarantee that your kids are enjoying safe and healthy drinking! BPA and lead free, FDA Approved, Dishwasher Safe, No metal aftertaste, Colorfast, Plastic free, Reusable and Environmentally Friendly. As a safe and suitable alternative to plastic, they are safer for the environment.

2 Long Nylon Cleaning Brushes 

Very handy to rinse off stains. Featuring a stainless steel handle and nylon bristles, the brush is the perfect size for these straws, also suitable for cleaning cups and bottles.

Broad Usage 

It is suitable for family party, cocktail party, outdoor picnics, hiking, trips and office use. 4 different size straws fit all your daily drinking for Smoothies, Frappe's, Milkshake, pearl bubble tea, orange juice, mango juice, watermelon juice, strawberry juice, kiwi juice, cool beer & water. 

Fit For All Size Tumblers

2 straight straws of 10.5” and 2 bent straws of 9.9” for 30oz tumblers. 2 pcs cleaning brushes make straw cleaning much easier.