Fennel Spice Masala Chai

Masala Tea is a beverage that is consumed heavily all across the Indian household. In many parts of the world, “chai” is simply the word for tea. However, in the Western world, the word chai has become synonymous with a type of fragrant, spicy Indian tea more accurately referred to as Masala Chai.

Relax Feels Fennel Spice Masala Chai is renowned for its fragrant aroma. Exclusive premium quality - enjoy this traditional and energizing blend of Assam CTC Black Tea mixed with healing Fennel seeds and fresh spices making it a must-have chai tea.

Every sip of this beverage tastes amazing and smells divine, uplifting the mood and creating a sensation of well being and freshness. Perfect to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day. 

To Achieve A Perfect Masala Tea Taste

  • Boil Water In A Pan. Water Quality Is Of Uttermost Importance & It Must Be Free Of Contaminants To Enhance The Natural Flavor Of The Tea

  • Add 1 Teaspoon Of Tea Leaves To The Boiling Water For Three To Five Minutes

  • Add Milk & Simmer It More Before Straining The Leaves

  • Can Add Sugar Or Honey To Sweeten As Per Your Taste

  • The Beautiful & Aromatic Tea Is Ready For Your Enjoyment

100 % Natural Ingredients
Premium Assam CTC, Fennel, Cinnamon, Clove & Black Pepper


Tasting Notes