Halmari Golden High Grown CTC Tea

Relax Feels brings to you High grown CTC from the tea estate which is ranked among the best nine of the world "Halmari Tea Estate" - Best Assam Tea Company with 100 Years of Legacy. Situated on the lush plains of Upper Assam, Halmari produces the highest quality teas from pedigree clones. 

Halmari CTC is, in fact, the broken pekoe grade (BP). Halmari CTC over the past 10 years has constantly been breaking its own records set in Pan India Auctions and is blowing the competition away. The pure golden color and absolute briskness of the cup is unmatched and that is why year after year we break our own records and achieve the highest prices ever in All India Auctions. 

You can drink this tea as many times as you like and at any time of the day. It will definitely leave your taste buds tingling. Just pure world-class luxury CTC Black Tea in the World. Best consumed with a dash of milk. Milk gives it a very creamy texture providing a brisk and full cup. It is the absolute perfect cup if you love drinking tea with milk and other condiments. 

100 % Pure Single Estate CTC Tea