High Grown Assam CTC Tea

Relax Feels High Grown Assam CTC Tea is made from the tender most tea leaves and buds only. This tea offers the classic full-bodied, robust taste perfect for making a cup of strong malty Assam Black Tea. The first sip would be enough to make you fall in love with this tea if you are fond of a strong Indian Chai tea. Assam tea usually steeps as a deep ruby red color with a rich, slightly bitter flavor. It gives you a strong boost & kicks start your day with a great aroma, which can be cherished all day.

To Achieve A Perfect Assam Tea Taste

  • Boil Water In A Pan. Water Quality Is Of Uttermost Importance & It Must Be Free Of Contaminants To Enhance The Natural Flavor Of The Tea

  • Add 1 Teaspoon Of Tea Leaves To The Boiling Water For Three To Five Minutes

  • Add Milk & Simmer It More Before Straining The Leaves

  • Can Add Sugar Or Honey To Sweeten As Per Your Taste

  • The Beautiful & Aromatic Tea Is Ready For Your Enjoyment

 100 % Pure Assam CTC.