Himalayan Silver Needle White Tea

Himalayan Silver Needle White Tea is the simplest, rarest and is the most exquisite tea. This is the least processed tea, handpicked and it is in the most natural state. The leaves are super fluffy and light.   

A cup of Himalayan Silver Needle White Tea makes a light, subtle and gently-perfumed drink. The result is a pale, golden liquor with a fresh, delicate flavor which is really yummy to our taste buds. It contains the most antioxidant properties and more nutrients and has an abundance of health properties.

Himalayan Silver Needle White Tea is striking in appearance and pleasant tasting so if you are looking for something special then try a cup of Relax Feels White Tea. It is truly the ultimate health tea. A must-try for Tea connoisseurs.

100% Premium Single Estate White Tea

Pale Golden

Notes of Raw Guava with hints of Citrus