Kuksa Nordic Style Wooden Cup

Our handmade natural wood primitive cup is the perfect traveling. With a traditional Nordic design, this wooden cup is crafted from a solid piece of natural hardwood. Sipping steamy coffee, or downing fresh ice-cold spring water from a hand-carved vessel might be considered a luxury to some... except, we'd consider this beautiful camp cup an absolute essential. 

  • Handcrafted From 100% Natural Hardwood

  • Sealed W/ Food-Grade, BPA-Free Finish

  • Includes Full Grain Leather Lanyard & Metal Carabiner

  • Capacity: 225ml (Approx. 8 fl. oz) or 350ml (Approx. 12 fl. oz)

  • Weight: 5-7oz 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: These guidelines are to help ensure maximum longevity. Like any natural wood product (i.e. cutting boards, knife scales, etc.), if you treat your kuksa right, it’ll serve you well on many adventures! 1. HAND WASH and DRY BEFORE INITIAL USE. Just good practice for anything that's been handled and packaged. 2. OIL REGULARLY. Your hand’s natural oils help, too. Dry wood has a propensity to crack and split over time, so keep it conditioned. Remember, dish soaps strip these oils. 3. NO EXTREME TEMPS. Including microwaved, dishwasher, and boiling liquids. Can you use your cup for hot coffee or tea? Absolutely! Just let the boiling liquid sit a few minutes before pouring. High temperatures can potentially fatigue the wood, and eventually, over time, cause it to crack.