Natural Wheat Straw

Wheat straws are one of the best options if you want to replace harmful plastic items with an eco-friendly alternative. We have created biodegradable drinking straws that are both comfortable to use and easy to get rid of without polluting the environment and your local neighborhood.

Our eco wheat straws are made of 100% plant-based material so they biodegrade fast and can be put into the compost. We also contribute to sustainable development by making all the production processes as close to zero waste as possible. We offer wheat straws for sale in different amounts and packages so everyone can try this eco product and move to a healthier lifestyle.

Long wheat straws with 19 cm length will be a good choice for those who prefer drinking various cocktails and soft drinks. These eco straws can be used with cold and hot beverages. Our wheat straws never get to soggy or add any extra taste.

And you will definitely get an aesthetic enjoyment while using them. A pack of 100 items will satisfy your straw needs for a long period if you purchase for individual use. This amount will also be enough for a family or group of friends to give natural wheat straws a try. We deliver our drinking straws in packages made of recycled material. The wheat straws are comfortable for single use only which makes them a perfect match with cafes and restaurants.