Pina-Colada Tea

Pina-Colada Iced Tea is made with a lot of delicacy as its close to our heart for being famous among the mocktail lovers. This tea is something you can't afford to miss. This Fantastic Iced Tea is made using the perfect herbal ingredients such as Pineapple, Vanilla, Green Apple, Rose, Licorice & Black Tea. The Tea brews to a Golden Liquor.

Feel refreshed as you take a sip of Relax Feels Iced Tea, a sweet tasting beverage made from scrumptiously rich, juicy fruits. Irresistibly delicious, this drink offers a delightful taste in every sip and makes for a perfect thirst quencher.

100% Natural Ingredients
Black Tea, Pineapple, Green Apple, Rose, Licorice & Vanilla

Preparation Instruction

  1. Add Water To A Saucepan & Bring It To A Boil. Turn The Heat Off

  2. Put In The Tea Leaves A Let It Brew For About 4-5 Minutes

  3. Let The Tea Cool. Transfer The Tea To A Pitcher

  4. Place It In The Refrigerator & Chill For At Least 2 Hours

  5. To Serve, Fill A Glass With Ice & Pour In The Chilled Tea Liquor

  6. Ass Sugar/Honey To Make It Tastier As Per Choice

  7. Garnish As Per Your Preference With Mint, Lemon