Red Velvet Tea

If tea was a cup of Luxury, Red Velvet Tea will be your favorite. Absolute ESSENCE of Life, Red Velvet Tea is made with the most premium tea on earth, the Silver Needle Exotic White Tea.

Relax Feels presents a perfect blend of Exotic White Tea with Chinese Herbal Healing Rose Buds & Organic Hibiscus Flower. This Tea has a very sweet, floral and tranquil aroma and fragrance that still fills the room even hours after brewing. This calming tea is a wonderful refresher to elevate your day. This is a Guilt-Free Dessert Tea drink. This tea is low in calories.

100% Natural Ingredients

Silver Needle Exotic White Tea, Chinese Rose Buds & Organic Hibiscus Flower


A Natural Rosy Taste & Aroma, No Preservatives, Additives Or Artificial Ingredients

The Soothing Aroma Makes It The Perfect Drink In The Early Morning, Late Afternoon Or Just Before Retiring For The Night

Brewing Instruction

  • Fill A Kettle Or Pot With 8 oz. Of Fresh, Filtered Water & Bring To A Boil

  • Pour The Boiling Water In A Tea Pot & Add 1 Teaspoon Of Tea Leaf Per Cup

  • Cover The Pot & Let Steep For 4-5 Minutes

  • Strain In A Cup

  • Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy The Aroma Of The Tea