Stainless Steel Travel Straw Keychain

Healthy & Safe - Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel that can stand against scratch, rust and accident. BPA-Free, FDA Approved, free plastic, washable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Humanized Design - The ADJUSTABLE telescopic straw is designed to be flexible, and the three sections can be stretched and merged, fit for all serval type of cups or glass, such as 12 oz. / 16 oz. / 20 oz. / 30 oz. Perfect to drink coffee, lemonade, juice, cocktail, water, smoothie, cocktail, smoothie, etc.

Portable & Easy To Clean - The stainless steel metal straw, brush and silicone tip can be packed in small, practical and portable case, you can enjoy it wherever you are, such as family reunion, party, picnic, Etc. and you can clean the inside of the reusable straws from top to bottom easily with the extra long telescopic scrub brush.

Add Plastic To Free Circulation - Plastic straws cannot be recycled and will not decompose, leading to long-term pollution of our land and oceans. According to the report, Americans use 500 million straws every day, we are doing something about it. A reusable metal straw straw can replace 2000+ Plastic. Welcome to join to reduce the use of plastic straws and minimize their impact on the planet.


  •  Durable

  • Thermal Insulation 

  • Non-flammable

  • Easy To Clean

  • High Temperature Resistance


  • Size - Approx. 75mm Contracted / 210mm 

  • Cleaning Brush Length - Approx. 200 mm

  • Material - 18/10 (304) Stainless Steel

  • Color - Rainbow / Silver

  • Package - 1 Straw Keychain / 1 Straw / 1 Straw Brush